About Me

The one line introduction to me would say that I'm a queer, trans woman who happens to be kind of kinky and poly.

There's more to know than that, but you're welcome to stop reading there.

I'm a lesbian There, I said it. I like the ladies. A lot. I even have a thing for some genderqueer folk. Dudes, not so much.

I am not monogamous in that I have multiple honest, open, and loving relationships at the same time. At the moment, my relationship status is unavailable/busy.

I am trans. I was assigned male at birth. If you want to know more than that, contact me. My gender is female and she likes female pronouns, but she also really enjoys being on top and in charge (in bed and out).

I'm a feminist. I believe that oppression is a bad thing. Because of that I try to be mindful of my own and others' autonomy in all of my actions—even in my writing.

I'm not really a lady. I'm not a lady in that I'm not particularly concerned about keeping up appearances. I have no shame about myself and my own desires and I don't feel like I should waste time waiting for other people to hint and maneuver around me. I like sex, and I like talking about sex.

... but I am kind of femme. I think of myself as a lazy femme. I wear make-up, skirts, and heels comfortably, but I don't always dress up. I enjoy being comfortable as much as I want to "look good."

... and I'm assertive. I'm a top both sexually and in kink. I get off on watching and feeling the reactions of my partners. I'm driven by what I want and I project an air of self-confidence (at least when I'm doing things right). In fact, I'm way more in charge and un-subtle than I was when I was trying to live as a guy. Go figure.

I'm kinky I especially like rope. I enjoy bondage and S/M. I am a sadist. I am a dominant (but I don't always get off on telling someone else what to do, she has to be the right person).

Other things I think about often: outdoor sex, strap-ons, gender roles, and identities.

I love hearing from people. I'm often on twitter, but you can also email me if you want to talk about anything (though I tend to prefer talking about sex or writing). Especially feel free to drop me a note if you like my writing. I adore hearing from my readers.

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