My (oddly specific) dating rules

  1. It's not a walk of shame, it's a victory lap.
  2. The lesbian sheep dance may actually refer to sheep, but humans do it too. Remember that someone has to take action and it might as well be you. After all, it's a lot less fun to sit around staring at your hands than it is to be kissing.

A question for my readers

By now you probably have an idea of what I like. One of the advantages of writing these shorts—and I am working on longer pieces, by the way—is that I can experiment.

Not that I'm running out of ideas, but what kind of shorts do you want? What's your favorite fantasy? Give me a prompt or ask for something specific to be included in my next queer erotica pieces. I'm easy and eager to please.

I'll take prompts/requests in the comments here, by email, facebook, or tweet to @wordscanbesexy.

In public

Yesterday I was doing it in public. Writing, I mean. Out at a Barnes & Noble near me where I could plug the laptop in and suck on a coffee while I tip-tapped away at a story.

It was hot, and I don't mean temperature. The piece went well—you'll see it Friday—and it left me squirming on the hard chair. And by squirming, I mean wishing I wasn't in public because I needed some personal time (or, better yet, some time with Sweetie).

Hopefully it will leave all of you happy and squirmy, too.