liriope answered your question: Ideas?
What is your optimality criterion for living? (i.e., what is your main goal in life?)

Mainly, my goal is to love and be loved with integrity. My life really does revolve around love and sex, and I am okay with that.

Most importantly, I don't think it is shallow to want to increase happiness as much as possible. I am an unashamed hedonist, in the philosophical sense. I see pleasure as the only intrinsic good, and I strive to maximize the 'good' of my group of friends and family in whatever way works for us. Are there limits for me? Of course. I don't only consider my own pleasure, or the pleasure of others, as being more important. That said, I believe we have the right to pursue pleasure and enjoyment in whatever ways we like so long as we only involve consenting adults.

My goal is to touch as many lives as makes me happy, bringing increased happiness to them. Obviously, my writing has something to do with me reaching that goal. So do my relationships, both sexual and non-sexual, romantic and platonic. I find pleasure in love, so I try to help love grow as much and as often as possible, both for myself and those around me.


  1. Thank you for answering my question! I've been pondering this a lot lately, so I very much appreciate the eloquentness of your answer. <3

  2. Happy to help :)

    I put a fair amount of thought into it as well. Especially since I am not following a reasonable or expected life path in any sense.