[short] Just Stand Here

Copyright © 2012 Olivia Dromen

I pull her in for a kiss with both of my hands on her cheeks—a sweet gesture, a possessive gesture. The kiss is hungry—we both want more. Her knees buckle and I tighten the grip of my fingers on her face—I can tell she’s hoping to kneel so she can lick my cunt.

I whisper, “Just stand here and look in my eyes.”

She glances down, her eyes looking over my short skirt.

With a satisfying crack, my hand lands on her cheek smartly. “I said look in my eyes, slut.”

She blinks once, hard. “But…”

I tap her cheek once with my fingertips.

“Mistress? All I want is to worship you.”

I grin, softening my expression. “You can use your hand.”

Her eyes dip down again. I hit her face again, just hard enough to remind her. She grunts and her eyes focus on mine.

My left thumb caresses her cheekbone. My right fingertips play along her jawline. I reach out with my tongue to lick her lips. Hers meets mine.

Her fingers flutter at the hem of my skirt. I lean in closer, my lips near her ear, and whisper, “Your left hand.”

She makes a muffled noise of frustration or complaint, but she doesn’t object verbally.

I move back out so she can look in my eyes again. Her dominant hand, her right hand rests on my hip. Her left fumbles with my skirt, pulling the hem up and finding my leg. I smile. “Good girl.”

“Yes, Mistress, I’m your good girl.”

Her finger slips under the elastic on the leg-hole of my panties. She has always wanted to rush things. She bites her lip, concentrating on making her hand move the right way. A finger slides over my labia. Her eyes wide at the wetness she finds. I smile back at her.

Her right hand grips my hip tighter as I run my fingers through her hair. Our eyes are locked, the spell only breaking for us to blink—and that doesn’t happen often. Our breathing is synchronized, her movements are slow and deliberate as she explores my pussy with the wrong hand.

She tries to push my panties aside with her knuckles, but they don’t budge. She looks down toward her hand—I slap her cheek hard.

“Ow.” She wasn’t expecting it. Her eyes are glued to mine again. They have a tear in the corner that refuses to form into a drop.

She disengages her finger from under my panties, sliding it out and over the cotton. My clit is hard against her fingertip as she rubs upward, and downward. She pushes the fabric into me. I can feel my wetness covering it, soaking into it.

I thrust gently against her finger, biting my own lip. The tension between us is hot enough, but I’m watching her eyes—just her eyes. I’m waiting for my chance to slap her again.

She drops her left shoulder, carefully keeping eye contact as she changes the angle of her arm. Her thumb crawls up to the waistband of my panties. After a couple of tries, she manages to hook it and pull down the front of my panties.

She turns her hand over the wrong way at first, then looks down—SLAP. Blue eyes are staring straight back at me once again. There it is—the frustrated tear drops down along her nose.

She gets it right the second time, sliding her fingers between the wet cotton and my cunt. A finger—two—finds my opening and pushes into me. Her right hand grips my hip tighter and pulls me forward over her left hand, pushing her fingers deeper into me. I rotate my hips and open to her so she can push into me deeper.

Her fingers curl up inside me and she begins to slowly rock her hand back and forth. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, enjoying it for a moment before I slap her again.

“I said look at me, fucktoy.”

She nods.


She nods again. A moment later she’s fucking me faster and harder. Her entire arm is rolling forward and back in between us, her wrist twists as she rubs me just right.

I slide my left thumb into her mouth, pressing down on her tongue. “Good girl. Faster.”

She blinks once, slowly and starts moving her wrist even faster.

“Yes.” I’m thrusting against her hand—using it like a toy, fucking myself as she fucks me.

A third finger slips into me and the heel of her hand presses against my hard clit. I moan and press my thumb down on her tongue. I can feel her saliva dripping down to my wrist.

She closes her eyes briefly, concentrating. I slap her hard. She keeps her eyes closed this time.

I thrust harder as I slap her cheek again, feeling my orgasm burst out of me.

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