[short] Not in Control

Copyright © 2012 Olivia Dromen

The rough hemp fibers bite into my ankles as she pulls my legs apart. She fiddles with the rope for a moment tying it to the bed frame. The restraint combined with the roughness of the rope is delicious.

“Just relax, toy.”

I wasn’t even trying to struggle, but I guess I was wriggling in my chest harness. I only wanted to prop myself up to see what she was up to, which is difficult with my arms tied behind my back and my head hanging back from my shoulders.

“Yes, Mistress.” I let my weight fall back into the bed, onto my arms. My eyes focus on the ceiling.

She drops something on my stomach. It’s cool and smooth, soft leather with cold metal buckles—her strap on harness. The mattress rocks roughly as she gets on. She positions herself on her knees between my thighs and grabs the rope in the center of my chest to lift me up, moving me closer to her and bending my legs.

The simple act of being picked up and moved makes me feel so powerless, so owned. I exhale a low sigh.

I focus on her again through half closed eyes. She is maneuvering a dildo into the harness and squeezing some lube on the back. Then she places the dildo trapped in its leather triangle over my vulva. I blink. I wasn’t expecting to be the one wearing the harness. A moment later she is maneuvering the straps around my legs and waist. She’s undone it completely so she doesn’t have to slide it up my legs, but that means she needs to secure each buckle. One at a time she slides the leather into the metal hardware and pulls it tight.

The last one is done. The dildo pressed firmly against my hardening clit. The cool lube is pressed out around the edges.

Her fingers slide into me, opening my pussy up. She smiles at me like she’s up to something sinister and says, “Remember not to come without permission, toy.”

So that’s what this is about. “Yes, Mistress.”

She pushes her fingers deep into me and leans forward, her breasts dangling over my mouth tantalizingly for a moment as she grabs a pillow and pushes it under my head, supporting me and taking the pressure off my arms. I stick my tongue out to tease her nipple, but she’s gone before I make contact.

Now I can clearly see the dildo sticking out from my pelvis. Her fingers curl inside me, slowly stroking my g-spot. She lowers her head toward the dildo. Her lips part. Her tongue reaches out to lick the tip slowly.

I close my eyes for a moment. The slow and steady rhythm inside my cunt is getting to me already. I can feel the base of the dildo slide over my vulva. I open my eyes to see her mouth surrounding the head of the silicone cock.

She pushes her lips down slowly, I can see her tongue sliding around from side to side. The motion makes the dildo slide around and push down on my clit. She’s moving slowly. So far, the excitement is steadily building rather than an incessant need. I’m close to coming, but I’m not there yet.

She presses her fingertips up inside my vagina, holding them against my g-spot.

“Oh, fuck! Mistress!” I’m breathing quickly—too quickly to form words. She caught me by surprise.

She’s looking me straight in the eyes as her mouth slides down on the dildo, taking more in. I can feel it pulsing from whatever she’s doing with her tongue. She slaps at my cheek with her free hand.

“Please! Can I come?”

She slides herself up and down a couple of times, the suction from the base of the dildo massaging my clit as she does. The fingers inside me start moving again, pressing firmly upward as she slides them back and forth.

I close my eyes and try to take control of my breathing. Another slap on my cheek. I open my eyes and look at my mistress smiling around the dildo.

Her right hand begins to move more quickly. “Fuck! Mistress! Please!”

She makes a noise that might be chuckling. She’s not going to give me permission.

“Please! Let me come, you fucking bitch.” My eyes go wide in shock at what I’ve said.

Her eyebrow rises and she slaps me hard on my cheek. Her hand fucks me harder and faster. I can’t stop the orgasm any more. My shame forgotten as she slaps me again—harder—and presses her fingertips up inside my cunt, rubbing me and coaxing out my orgasm.

I let go, screaming profanities as I come. I can’t even worry about what’s going to happen next.

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