It's that time of year again when all the kids (and many adults) dress up in costumes. It's fun and it's magical. We get to be someone else for the day.

Costumes hold the power to transform us from boring to exciting. Of course, some of us get to do that every day. I'm secretly boring. My day is filled with mundane concerns and my life gets filled up with commitments just like everyone else's. But I get to wear a costume to change that instantly.

My costume doesn't require that I change clothes or put on make up (I might anyway, depending on the circumstances). All it requires is a single word from a sub's mouth. Maybe it's "mistress." Maybe it's "owner." Sometimes, "goddess."

I don't really get into fetish wear. I don't think of myself as part of the show. Don't misunderstand, I'm quite happy to dress up, but I don't feel the need to wear a cat suit or thigh high boots and nothing, or whatever says "mistress" in media. I am a dominant, and I can make anything I wear say "I'm in charge."

As much as I don't dress in role myself, my girls are there to make me happy, and I'll dress her however I want. Maybe I'll have one wear ropes around for a while or put a pair of cat ears and a tail on another (it should be obvious to anyone following my tumblr that I am currently enjoying a healthy obsession with kitten play).

And that, my dear readers, is how it should be (for me).

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