Excerpt (sex scene)

One of the few sex scenes from my upcoming fantasy novel.

Copyright © 2012 Olivia Dromen

Iona's back hit the carved stone wall with enough force to push a gasp out of her. Aronne pressed hard against her chest, their tongues tasting each other's mouths. Aronne's knee slid between Iona's, spreading her legs slightly. Iona could feel the warmth of her lover's sex pressing against her thigh even through her thick braies.

Aronne broke the kiss. “I need you.”

Iona moaned and pushed out from the wall with her hips, moving against Aronne's thigh. Her hands grabbed at Aronne's back, clawing up from her waist under the fabric of her tunic. Aronne reacted, arching her back, moving her head away from Iona.

Iona seized the opportunity to kiss her neck, locking her lips around the exposed muscle below her jaw and sliding her tongue over it. She sucked lightly, then pressed her teeth against the skin.


Iona's fingernails dug into the skin on Aronne's back.

Aronne's hands moved down her lover's body, feeling for the curves that were barely exposed under the armor. “I need this off of you. Now.”

Iona bit harder and was rewarded by the sound of Aronne's sharp intake of breath. The mage broke the hold on Aronne's neck and said, “Not yet.”

She smiled and slid her hand down Aronne's back, grabbing her lover's hips and pull firmly against her leg. She hooked a leg around Aronne's and pivoted, so Aronne was the one pinned against the cold stone wall. “That's better.”

Aronne tilted her head back and smiled. Her hands rested on Iona's shoulders, momentarily motionless as Iona tugged at the drawstring of her breeches.

Iona slid her hand into Aronne's pants, feeling the wetness on her thighs first, then sliding between her moist folds. Her finger slipped in, then up to Aronne's clit. Iona leaned forward while pressing her knee up against the wall, then kissed Aronne's neck again. This time her kisses were gentle, teasing. She licked and slid her teeth over the skin without biting. She kissed slowly, enjoying the taste of her skin, and the tension below it. She slid her fingers over her lover's sex. Sliding them faster and faster over her raised nub, feeling Aronne's breath quicken, feeling the power that was building within her.

Iona was just as excited. She could feel her own wetness trailing down her thighs. She whispered, “I love you.” She was unsure whether Aronne heard her, or if she was breathing too heavily. Iona rubbed faster. As she sensed Aronne's climax building, she sealed her mouth over Aronne's and kissed her, hard. Her tongue parted Aronne's lips and slid into her mouth, matching the rhythm of the fingers that played over her clit.

Aronne's arms tightened around Iona's neck. Her back arched. Her thighs tensed. She let out a cry that was caught in Iona's mouth. And another.

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