Changing relationship models?

There's been a lot of discussion among my friends about this article on how to treat non-primary partners, and I realized a few things about my own relationship model and how it's changed.

Most of it hasn't changed, of course:

  • I still have no interest in telling my partners who to sleep with—or who not to. Even in a D/s relationship I don't want veto power. That might make me odd, but it's something that is very central to my personality (and it ties into consent).
  • I still like to allow relationships to develop naturally and organically.
  • I still value constant communication over rules—and safety over that.

But I've been moving into something that looks to the outside like a primary relationship lately with Bree—and I am wondering if I am being disingenuous by not calling it such. I'm not excluding my other partners, and I am making room for us to continue as we have been, but it's become clear that I am allowing this relationship to overshadow my other relationships and that I am preferring Bree's desires when making plans.

While my experience over the last few years as someone who is always playing the role of more distant (or secondary) partner gives me a great deal of perspective on how to handle things with my other partners, it isn't helping me here. This is territory I haven't seen in over a decade.

Frightening? Sure. Of course it is. It's also good.

Am I abandoning my relationship model? No, I think I am expanding it. I am looking forward to what life can be like as this relationship grows and develops more. I didn't reject the concept of relationship hierarchy—though I am still not sure how it feels to me (after twenty-something years of avoiding it).

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