[short] Ferocity

Copyright © 2012 Olivia Dromen

She’s coming on so strong that I take a step back—into the wall. Not that I really want to get away, but I do enjoy her being hampered a bit. I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens next. I smile wide, laughing.

Her hand snakes around my waist, pulling me against her tightly. She presses forward. Her lips press into mine and I part to her, our tongues meeting tenderly. The tone changes a moment later—she kisses me ferociously, as if she’s thinking about devouring my mouth. Her tongue presses into my mouth and then my lip is between her teeth. Her teeth tug my lip as I arch my back and let out a soft moan. She growls deep in her throat.

Her hand presses against my back, holding me to her. Pushing upward against the curve of my back. The fingers of her other hand touch my face, her palm cups my cheek.

I pull her shoulders, encouraging her. My legs open more, giving her room for another half step into me. Her knee presses through my skirt, against my pussy.

I press back. I am so turned on by the playfulness—and her ferocity. I need her to touch me more. I need her inside me.

She lets my lip free from her teeth. I poke at it with my tongue, feeling the indentations she’s left. No blood. She knows just how rough she can be. Her tongue presses into my mouth and I fight for breath as she crushes my nose against her cheek, her body against my chest. Her knee slides across my pussy. Her fingernails dig into my back; I squeeze her shoulders harder.

She breaks the kiss and looks into my eyes.

I suck in air. “Fuck.” She gives me her half-smile in response.

Her hand, the one on my cheek, tightens. Her thumb slides across my cheek bone. I close my eyes, giving in to the sensation.

“I need…”

She cuts me off—her thumb presses against my lip. The tip pushes in. Reflexively I lick at it, tasting the hint of salt, the bitterness of my smeared makeup.

I open my lips to her as her body moves even closer. Her breasts press against my chest, her thigh presses against my cunt. Her hips settle over my leg.

And she starts moving.

Her thumb presses deeper into my mouth. I suck it in as far as she will let me. I love the way her fingers feel on my chin. I love how her thumb pushes my tongue down.

She’s grinding against me, using me. It’s hot—and so frustrating. I need her to fuck me. I need her fingers inside me, her mouth on my clit. But she keeps rubbing herself against my thigh.

I can feel her wetness leaking through her thin shorts, through the light fabric of my skirt.

She leans in to kiss my neck, grazing it with her teeth. Her breath is heavy, quick and hot. Her back arches and she draws a deep breath. I open my eyes to look at her, to see her face.

Her eyes are closed. Her brow is tightly furrowed.

Without exhaling, she draws another half breath, then lets it out in a deafening scream of pleasure as she comes.

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