[short] Prey

Copyright © 2012 Olivia Dromen

I’m breathing heavily. We haven’t even started and sweat is dripping down my back. I haven’t even started moving. Mistress is somewhere nearby, but I don’t know where. She said she’d have friends with her. I haven’t seen them, yet. I’m sure they will find me, though. I shiver at the thought, my bare skin puckering up as my hair stands on end. Excitement and fear building in me.

It’s warm out here in the woods. It’s the kind of day you want to just find a clearing and lay down, soaking in the sun and the sounds—just to experience it. I’m still getting goosebumps. When is she going to signal me? This is the most genuinely terrifying—and exciting—game she’s thought up. There’s so much unknown.

I’m naked, exposed to the light breeze and to the millions of branches that I’ll be running through. Mistress was kind, though—she let me wear shoes. And she let me keep my collar, of course. She tied my hands in front of me so I might not hurt my face when I fall down.

I hear a bell behind me. somewhere behind some trees. That’s the signal. I take off into the woods. I start off down the path, then realize I need to rethink my strategy. I have no idea who she has with her and how fast they are. I need to get into the brush if I want to give them a good chase.

I can hear them coming through the trees behind me. They’re talking. I can’t understand what they are saying, but they sound like they aren’t going very quickly. I don’t want to look. I’m running—all I can think of is getting as far away as I can. I jump over a low shrub and land in a divot on the other side.

I get back to my feet. There are scratches down my calves now. I run as fast as I can through the brush, between the trees.

“Over here! She went this way!” The call is back by where I left the trail.

I draw up short in a patch of wild rhododendrons growing between the oaks. “Fuck!” I have to go around.

“This way!” No time—I need to hide.

I take a deep breath and dive into the bushes as if they are a pool of water. The cool, black dirt pushes moistly against my knees as I shimmy under the broad leaves into the tangled woody growth.

I try to control my breathing. My heart is pounding in my ears. At least the bush has stopped shaking. Maybe they will walk around

A foot snaps a branch just on the other side of my curtain of leaves. I cover my mouth with my hand. I’m going to try to hold my breath until she’s passed. I don’t even know how many hunters Mistress has decided to have with her. She didn’t tell me that.

She did tell me I could run and fight back, though, so long as I try not to maim anyone.

I look around for options.

I’m between two trunks of the bushes. I could probably make it through to the other side before she gets around the thicket. I’d have to act quickly, though. She’d be close behind. One last look under the branches and I could see a stick moving slowly closer, probing the bush. Shit. I’m out of time again.

Half a roll to my right and a quick and noisily kicking crawl between the trunks. I’m getting torn up badly. My nipples and legs scratch against the sticks and rocks and I’m out the other side. I manage to get up into a crouch, ready to sprint away.

A shoulder slams into me and I’m sprawled on the ground, out of breath. Black hair flies into my face as I twist up and kick out reflexively. I think I’ve caught her—whoever she was—in the shoulder. Her weight is off of me and I’m moving again with a grunt.

My eyes try to focus as sweat drips down my forehead. There’s another line of bushes ahead of me, I need to turn to my left. Breathing harder, I am scared and tense when Mistress comes around the thicket. Her arms chest slams into my back and wrap around my shoulders. She holds my bound wrists against my stomach. Her teeth sink into my shoulder.

Her dark-haired friend slaps me hard across the face. I let out a whimper and kick out.

“It’s okay, slut” Mistress is whispering into my ear. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.”

I can feel the firm presence of her strap on against my back. I hadn’t realized just how turned on I was. The run, the flight through the bushes—not to mention the slap—have gotten me worked up.

Mistress’ hot breath is on my ear, echoing around as her lips press against my lobe. “Mine,” she whispers. “Get on your knees.” I love how she puts me in my place with just a few words.

I moan and press back against her before I sink to my knees, still facing Mistress’ friend. Mistress’ hands find my hair and take a turn in it. I moan, dropping even deeper into the experience.

I open my eyes to see the dark-haired friend unbuttoning her shorts and letting them fall to the ground, revealing a large blue dildo.

Mistress says to her friend, “You first.”

“Open up, slut.” Her voice is sweet and soft, not like the rough gravel that is Mistress’ voice.

I’m pushed forward so hard I have to shuffle on my knees across the rocky ground. The silicone cock presses into my mouth, deep against the back of my throat. Mistress’ hands press me hard against her friend’s strap on. I look up, and all I can see are the undersides of her bra-covered breasts and the inside of her shirt. I moan as another set of hands wrap around my face and pull me in tighter.

Her hips tilt and the dildo thrusts deeper into my mouth. One of the hands on the back of my head moves down my back, scratching me deeply and catching on all of the little rough spots I picked up from the bushes.

The smell of cunt and leather mixes with the smell of oak leaves and dirt. I bring my hands up to press against her ass, holding her tight to me as she gags me. My eyes tear up. My mouth waters and saliva streams down from my mouth in lengthening ropes.

She thrusts quickly, keeping the head of the dildo deep in my mouth, cutting off my air for a moment with each twitch of her hips. It feels so good to be used like this. I can feel her breathing change as she rubs herself against the base of the cock. She’s close. Mistress stands up behind me, her hands no longer on the back of my head—they’ve been replaced by the familiar feeling of her strap on pressing into my skull. Her hands are on her friend’s midsection, pushing up her shirt. I watch in fascination through tearing eyes.

I hear a moan and feel her thrust and hold herself in position as her legs tense. The muscles on her ass twitch as she comes, thrusting deep in my mouth with each pulse of her cunt.

“Fuck, yes!” she calls out into the sky.

My eyes close, tears drip down my cheeks.

A hand wraps around my hair, pulling me back off of the dildo and twisting my face around. “My turn,” Mistress says.

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