[short] Not Yet

Copyright © 2012 Olivia Dromen

I pull the black nitrile glove onto my hand. We don’t use them often with each other—it’s not how we do things—but when we do it means something. Sometimes it means “I’m not myself tonight.” if I put them on. It can mean I’m more detached, or maybe it means that I plan on being rougher and don’t want to worry about nicking her with my nails, no matter how short they are. It always means that it’s going to be an intense scene.

Her eyes widen slightly. She got the cue.

I slap her across the face with my gloved right hand. Her eyes close halfway and she sucks her lip as I watch her refocus on me. Her breathing is slower already.

I harden my voice and say, “Get on your hands and knees, bitch.”

Even I don’t know where that came from. My voice is different than usual, rougher.


She is not responding fast enough. “Now!” I slap her face again. Harder this time. “Get on your fucking hands and knees, slut.”

She sucks in a breath and scurries. “Good girl.” I give her ass a hard swat, “but I want you to listen the first time.” I slap her vulva lightly—just a tap with my fingertips. She reacts by trying to levitate off the bed. I guess I hit her jewelry.

I position myself behind her on the bed, pushing the covers off the end. I can smell how excited she is, how ready she is. I slap at her inner thighs. Her legs shift, she’s opening herself to me, begging me to fuck her without saying a word. My hands aren’t anywhere near her cunt.

My left hand tangles in her hair as I lean over her back. I brace myself with my right hand on her hip, holding myself up over her so I can whisper in her ear. “You’re mine, slut.”

“All yours.” Her voice is breathy, distant.

I let her hair fall from my fingers and move my gloved hand to her face. I press two fingers against her dry lips. They part, accepting the fingers—sucking them into her mouth as she rubs them with her soft tongue. My thumb presses upward on the underside of her jaw. “All your holes are mine.”

She nods and moans against my fingers, sucking them in deeper.

I pull my hand back and my fingers pop out of her mouth. I slap her lightly across her cheek with my saliva coated hand.

I move my weight back until I am squatting on my heels behind her. My right hand finds her soaked cunt and I slide my fingertips inside—just for a moment. I reach out with the other hand, finding the lube pump. Two pumps on my fingers and I roll it around a bit before I rub it on both hands. I don’t want my gloves sticking to her. In any case, I like to make her wait and wonder what’s coming next.

I lean down and bite her hip, taking the skin in my teeth and squeezing down hard. She inhales and then moans softly, contentedly. I shake my head a bit before letting go. Three fingers slide into her pussy quickly, almost without effort. I can feel her tendons pressing against the side of my fingers. I begin to work my fingers inside her, dragging my fingertips along the lower wall and then pushing them back into her. Slowly, so slowly, I fuck her.

My left hand presses down on the small of her back, my thumb finding her asshole. She gasps.

“Like that slut?”

I keep slowly drawing my fingertips in and out of her cunt, feeling every bump.

“Y—” She trails off in a moan as my right thumb presses alongside her hard clit.

“What was that?”

“Yes, Goddess.”


She moans. “I’m close. May I, may I come? Please, mistress?”

I wait, slowly fucking her.



She swallows and nods.

“There’s a bullet under the pillow. Use it.”


I raise an eyebrow. “But what? Use it you fucking slut!”

She gropes around and finds it. “You can lay down on the bed, slut. I don’t want you falling over.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

I can feel the vibrator against my thumb. It’s set to a moderate speed. I’m okay with that. I thrust harder into her, my knuckles pressing against her labia hard as I fuck her.

“Fuck! Please can I come? Please?”

“Not yet.”

“Shit. Yes, Mistress.”

Her pussy is pulsing. “Don’t you dare come, fucktoy!”

She moans low and long, letting out some of her tortured feelings.

I keep fucking her hard, curling my fingertips as I draw my fingers back out, owning her cunt. My thumb presses against her ass, opening her but not entering. That will be later, I think.

“Fuck! Please?!”

I love hearing her beg.

I press my fingertips against her g-spot. “Yes. Come for me you worthless fucking slut.”

On command, her cunt pulses squeezing my knuckles inside her. I rub inside her with just the tips of my fingers.

She lets out a scream and I feel her warm ejaculate splashing on my hand and on my knees.

“Good girl, now increase the speed on the bullet.”

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